The History of Carey Hill Baptist Church, Inc.- June 22, 1890 – June 25, 2017
Our ancestors, needing spiritual uplifting from their daily trials, began meeting deep in the woods between ditches, not more than a mile from our original site on Garrett Road. They began to worship God in what became known as a brush harbor, a construction of logs, pine needles and mud. This was a place where they could strive and give God praises.
The date is not known when they moved from the brush harbor to the little schoolhouse above the Carey Hill Pond. On June 22, 1890, our ancestors organized the Carey Hill Baptist Church, naming it after the pond.
Reverend Edmond Gardenhire, Reverend Lewis G. Gardenhire, Reverend Peter Latson and Reverend Gus Lockhard were ordained ministers at our mother church, Bethany Baptist Church, Clarks Hill, South Carolina were assigned as overseers of the newly formed Carey Hill Baptist Church along with the church founders, Deacon Robert B. Cooks and Deacon Lawrence O’Bryant were ordained Deacons assigned also.  The other founding members were: Sister Mary McKie, Sister Julia Kenner, Sister Florine Garrett, Sister Katherine Cummings, Sister Lizzie Kenner, Sister Joyce Holmes, Sister Laura Holmes, Sister Margaret Holmes, Sister Betty Mitchem, Brother Shade Henderson, Brother Charlie Glover, Brother Griffin Mitchem, Brother Jack Cummings, Brother Gilman Holmes and Brother Hampton Thomas.  The Reverend Lewis G. Gardenhire preached the organizing sermon, “Upon this rock I’ll build my church” which was taken from St. Matthew 16:18, “And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
In 1892, the present land site (on Garrett Road) was given to Reverend Robert W. and Lizzie Kenner by Mr. Jim Garrett, father of Mr. Henry Garrett. The land was given for “colored people worship services only!” We believe that Reverend Robert W. Kenner was the first pastor of Carey Hill Baptist Church.   In 1893, evidence shows that Rev. Gus Lockhart was the second pastor.  The first building was erected under the leadership of Reverend D. W. Mitchem and re-seated under the leadership of Reverend Clarence Middleton. Much of the history was lost in the fire of the church and was reconstructed from the memory of members of the church (February 1970).
Through the years, we have grown through faith, fellowship and community. For a time our church went through a period of transition until we entered into a new era with renewed faith, life and hope for our church and community! In December 7, 2014, Rev. Brandon L. Dotson was elected pastor and he officially began serving Carey Hill  January 1, 2015.  Under Rev. Dotson’s tutelage several new and current  ministries have flourished.
Like our fore parents, we will continue to be soldiers marching forward to carry out the vision and mission God has charged us.